All Two Blues Podcast Episodes

School References / 018

In today’s podcast let’s talk about school referrals, what should we look out for? Rohan and Will, will give different tips that we can’t overlook for our application process.

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Getting Our Offers

Getting Our Offers / 017

Listen to this new episode in which we will talk about how how to get an offer, how challenging it is and what are the steps to follow in order to get it.
Listen to Rohan and Will give their top tips!

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How Do You Become a Flat Earther / 016

In today’s episode, Will & Rohan talk about the growing ‘Flat Earth’ movement that’s spreading globally (groan…)
We talk about the sequence of events that lead people to becoming ‘Flat Earthers’ and why little red riding hood was probably not a flat earther. This leads to a deeper discussion about the scienfitic method and how every flat earther, has the potential to be a great scientist. Will finds a new PhD oppurtunity and Rohan worries about Lollipop ladies taking over Oxford.

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What’s the Point of a Personal Statement / 015

If you’ve ever wondered ‘what’s the point of a personal statement’ then wonder no more! Will & Rohan go through the good, bad and ethically dubious side of personal statements. Rohan pushes Will on whether its ever worth lying in the statement and then we conclude by a mind-blowing fact about sleep.  And Will is astounded to learn about a small city where the 2Bs podcast is taking on a cult following.

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2021 Round Up / 014

Let’s take a general look at the year 2021, what happened, what changed, the good and the bad of the whole year. And what 2022 looks like in general terms.

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Climate Change / 013

Let’s talk about Climate Change, this episode touches on the importance of climate change, what are the causes and consequences that we live day by day and have become normalized.

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Zombie Plans / 011

In this episode, we explore the practicalities of surviving in a zombie apocalypse. I take Rohan through the various issues that need to be evaluated when trying to zombie proof your home and he offers new ideas and considerations that my initial plans might not have fully accounted for.

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Reapplying To Oxbridge / 010

In this episode, we are talking about re-applications, covering who might be considering it, if there’s any point in it, and what to do if you’re in this position and want to try again.

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Oxbridge College Life / 009

In this podcast, Rohan and I talk about the college system and our own experience within it. We start by explaining what a college is, what it comprises of, and its relevance to you as a student. Then we go into discussing the pros and the cons of such an environment.

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